5 MHz to 7.0 GHz Signal Source Analyzer APPH6040

The APPH6040 makes reliable (optionally PULSED) phase-noise measurements up to 7 GHz and offers a wide bandwidth FFT analyzer. Additionally, the instrument has built-in transient measurement and spectrum analysis capabilities as well as VCO testing functions. Optionally, also PULSED RF phase noise measurements are supported. The instrument operates with either internal or external reference sources and offers measurements from 0.01 Hz up to 50 MHz frequency offset. It is a compact and powerful instrument available with LAN (VXI-11), USB or with GPIB (optionally). Platform independent intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), API library, and powerful SCPI command language set is available.

Graphical User Interface


  • All-in-one compact measurement system
  • Measurements down to -185 dBc/Hz
  • Offset range from 0.01 Hz to 50 MHz
  • Selectable internal or external reference
  • Powerful GUI
  • Remote control via LAN, USBTMC, or GPIB


  • General purpose phase noise tests
  • Absolute or residual (PULSED) phase noise measurements supported
  • Time domain and spectrum analysis
  • Cross-correlator FFT analysis
  • High-speed automated production testing


  • PULSE: Pulsed RF measurements
  • LN: Low Noise Internal References
  • GPIB: IEEE-488.2,1987 programming interface


Measurement parameters SSB phase noise [dBc/Hz],
noise [dBc],
Integrated rms phase deviation
[deg, rad] or time jitter [s],
Residual FM/PM [Hz rms]
Frequency Range5 MHz to 7 GHzusing internal reference
5 MHz to 7 GHzusing external reference
Input Power Range-15 dBm to +20 dBm< 2000 MHz
-10 dBm to +23 dBm> 2000 MHz
Offset Analysis Range0.01 Hz to 50 MHzfor RF > 70 MHz
0.01 Hz to 20 MHz for RF < 70 MHz
0.01 Hz to 5 MHz for RF < 25 MHz
System Phase Noise Floor
1 Hz-140 dBc/Hz(cross-correlation, external references)
10 Hz -150 dBc/Hz
100 Hz -160 dBc/Hz
1 kHz -175 dBc/Hz
10 kHz -185 dBc/Hz
10 MHz -185 dBc/Hz